Wine growers and makers in the Middle East since 1996,
the Zumot family has established the reputation and quality
of its wine both locally and internationally
by focusing on sustainable production techniques.


This land can produce some of the finest wines in the world !

When Bulos Zumot
first started as a vintner
in Amman in 1954,
he had a dream.

His dream was to give Jordan its niche
on the map of world-class, wines.



Adopting a ‘human-free’ growing policy
we decided to let nature take the lead.
No pesticides or artificial nutrients.

Instead, Nature balanced itself and gave us its exceptional bounty:
Wines rich in flavour, depth, and complexity.


To us, Nature is the true Winemaker, and wine is our passion.

Jordan is a cold country with a hot sun

Since 1996,

7 different viticultural areas have been tested all over Jordan.
From Madaba to Kastal to the northern heights,
the family eventually selected a parcel of land,
a small triangle of the Oran Plaines, in the North of Sama village;
very close to the desert, yet not part of it.


We don’t make wine;

Nature does.

This is the reason the process of wine production at our wineries is smooth and ever flowing.


All red wines

are aged in French oak barrels until fully mature.

The wines are then stored in stainless steel tanks before bottling.
This is important in the aging process,
as the wines sleep in silence till they fully mature,
then are stored in stainless steel tanks before bottling.


Our 500 barrels are carefully selected

and shipped from Chassin Company in Burgundy, France,
to bring those delicious toasty notes of vanilla to our premium wines.
Using both new and old barrels,
our winemaker creates a tailor-made process for each grape,
allowing the wine to fully develop and show its best potential.



Saint-George wine of Jordan earned its in Hachette’s 1000 Wines of the World Guide (1000 Vins du Monde)
to become the first Jordanian wine to be featured.


Zumot Winery & Vineyards

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129 Arar Street, Wadi Saqra,
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