Nature is the best engineer;

it has been taking care of grapes since thousands of years

In Jordan, in recent times wine used to be made from table grapes.
As for winemaking in ancient times, we have no information on which indigenous grapes may have been used.

We do know that people produced and traded wine in Little Petra, 2700 years ago for example.

Since then, winemaking never stopped in households in the area but it has never become a civilisation, a culture, or an industry with a noble science behind it.

The wine was a simple product that people made from any grapes they had.

My father always said:

We don’t make wine; Nature does.

This is the reason the process of wine production at our wineries is smooth and ever flowing.

After de-stemming,

the grapes are handled gently rather than crushed thus allowing the fermentation inside the grape itself to occur.
The vinification is done before winter so we need not worry about fermentation blockage.


During vinification,

emperature is only controlled when essential,
so that every wine produced reserves its unique character,
natural taste and aroma.

White wines

are fermented at relatively colder temperature
to slow down the fermentation pace,
giving them a superb pronounceable taste and bouquet.



All red wines are aged in French oak barrels

until fully mature. The wines are then stored in stainless steel barrels before bottling.

Most whites

are aged in stainless steel barrels to maintain their fresh and fruity character.

This is important in the aging process,

as the wines sleep in silence till they fully mature,
then are stored in stainless steel barrels before bottling.

To produce the Reserve range,

the family selects the best wines of the year and ages them in new French oak barrels that have different toasting levels.
This of course respects the character of the different wines that are being aged.
The wines develop from 10 to 16 months in oak to give some of the best wines Jordan can offer.

“I believe our strength is not in the winery,
but in the vineyard.

The wine is made in the vineyard, and is the true expression of its soil.
For red wines, we do not use any filtration additives;
we don’t do any frost treatment, nor add bentonite gelatine.
We will have sediments but so what.
We were using filtration but now more and more of our wines are unfiltered.”

“We are still learning,

after all, you need a lifetime to understand your wine and your nature,
one has one mistake per year. And it is indeed the best way to learn.”

Developing a wine culture in Jordan
is part of our main duties,

that’s why we established a wine cellar in Amman, The Winemaker,
where we offer Wine tastings, Wine appreciation and Wine knowledge in general,
through an interactive and fun atmosphere. After all, wine is all about enjoying life.


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